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About Us – wotr.org

About Us

Empowering Sustainable Change

Welcome to the American Friends of WOTR, where our core mission is to advance and finance the impactful programs of the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) in Pune, India. Explore more about WOTR’s vision and initiatives here. Our primary objective is to enlighten Americans about innovative development programs centered on water conservation and climate change adaptation in India, promoting the prudent utilization of land, water, vegetation, animals, and human resources.

WOTR, our esteemed partner organization, functions as an overarching non-governmental organization (NGO) with a comprehensive mission. This involves assisting village governments, including village panchayats and other governmental and NGO bodies, in managing their economic development. WOTR is dedicated to enhancing water security, fostering job creation, sustaining existing livelihoods, empowering women, establishing and managing microfinance funds, and implementing strategies for climate change mitigation, adaptation, emissions reduction, greenhouse gas trading offsets, and small-scale clean energy technologies. Notably, WOTR extends its impact globally by offering training to village leaders and other stakeholders from diverse countries at its training facility in Darewadi, Maharashtra.

AFOW collaborates with graduate students at the School of Public Service, DePaul University, Chicago to diligently monitor and assess the programs we fund. Our assessments are periodic, systematic, and involve site visits to ensure the efficacy of our initiatives. For examples of some of our current funded projects and assessments, please click on the Projects link above.

Our founders are American professionals and concerned citizens who share a passion for development programs that focus on regenerating and conserving natural resources and the environment in dry, drought-prone, and poverty-stricken parts of developed and developing countries.

Take a moment to explore our site.

Join us in supporting the life-saving work of WOTR. For comments, questions, or additional information, feel free to email usĀ at contact@friendsofwotr.org
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