Welcome to the American Friends of WOTR

Our mission is to promote and fund the programs of the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) based in Pune, India. Read more about the organization. We seek to inform Americans about innovative development programs on water conservation and climate change adaptation in India that encourage the judicious use of land, water, vegetative, animal and human resources.

AFOW’s partner organization is the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR). As an umbrella nongovernmental organization (NGO), WOTR’s mission includes helping village governments (village panchayats and other governmental and NGO bodies) to manage their own economic development, improve water security, create jobs, maintain existing livelihoods, increase women’s empowerment, create and maintain microfinance funds, and implement climate change mitigation, adaptation, emissions reduction, greenhouse gas trading offsets, and small-scale clean energy strategies and technologies. WOTR also offers international courses to village leaders and students from many countries at its Darewadi, Maharashtra training facility.

Our Projects

AFOW’s partner organization is the Watershed Organization Trust

The Kumbharwadi Project
In 2011, WOTR was awarded a grant from the American Friends of WOTR (AFoW) for a project in Kumbharwadi Village – a small village in the Indian state of Maharashtra with a population of 840. Climate change has resulted in land degradation and water scarcity in this area. Agricultural conditions are becoming more and more challenging each season, and farmers have struggled to adapt.

WOTR’s interventions in Health have been in several areas: Taking 2 indicators – Children’s Growth and HB – to understand the nutritional status of the community and communicate it to them so they can take the required measures. Setting up a cadre of Health workers and their capacity building to intervene in the community. Facilitating…

Climatic and non-climatic drivers of changes are significantly altering India’s landscapes, its socio-political fabric and economy. In particular, the overall impacts of climate change on ecosystems, water, agriculture, forests, wet lands and grasslands are expected to be adverse, further exacerbating existing problems. In an economy closely linked to its natural resource base where over 60%…