Welcome to the American Friends of WOTR

Our mission is to promote and fund the programs of the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) based in Pune, India. Read more about the organization. We seek to inform Americans about innovative development programs on water conservation and climate change adaptation in India that encourage the judicious use of land, water, vegetative, animal and human resources.

AFOW’s partner organization is the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR). As an umbrella nongovernmental organization (NGO), WOTR’s mission includes helping village governments (village panchayats and other governmental and NGO bodies) to manage their own economic development, improve water security, create jobs, maintain existing livelihoods, increase women’s empowerment, create and maintain microfinance funds, and implement climate change mitigation, adaptation, emissions reduction, greenhouse gas trading offsets, and small-scale clean energy strategies and technologies. WOTR also offers international courses to village leaders and students from many countries at its Darewadi, Maharashtra training facility.