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Welcome to American Friends of WOTR – wotr.org

Welcome to American Friends of WOTR

Support WOTR’s Impact: Donate today

WOTR (Watershed Organisation Trust), our valued partner organization, has positively impacted the lives of 6.93 million people across 7124 villages in 10 states of India. At the American Friends of WOTR (AFOW), we collaborate with WOTR to mobilize funds for crucial development programs, leveraging government funds, corporate contributions, trusts, and individuals like you.

As a public charity committed to transparency and efficiency, AFOW ensures that every donation is utilized judiciously, ensuring maximum impact for the communities served by WOTR. We ensure every expense at WOTR is done wisely and that your generous contributions go directly to those in need, as WOTR covers personnel and administration costs separately.

Your support, in any form, is immensely valuable and will be gratefully acknowledged. To learn more about WOTR’s activities, click here.

AFOW is a tax-exempt public charity incorporated in Illinois in 2009 under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Your contributions to AFOW are deductible under Section 170 of the IRC, and the organization is also qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, transfers, or gifts under sections 2055, 2016, or 2522 of the IRC.

To contribute by check, please mail it to:

C/o Dr. David Ehrlich,
Vice President(USA) -American Friends of WOTR, Inc.
512 N McClurg Ct., #1507
Chicago, Illinois, 60611

Your generosity directly fuels positive change in the lives of those served by WOTR. Thank you for being a vital part of this impactful journey.