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Projects – wotr.org


1. Kumbharwadi Project on Climate Change (See attached Project Report)

Kumbharwadi is a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra with a population of 840.  Climate change has resulted in land degradation and water scarcity in this area. Agricultural conditions are becoming more and more challenging each season, and farmers have struggled to adapt. If they do not adapt to climate change, they will lack the water they need for their families, farmlands, households and livestock – resulting in starvation.  

In 2011, American Friends of WOTR (AFoW) awarded the WOTR (Watershed Organisation Trust) a grant for a project in Kumbharwadi funded by a US Family Foundation. The goal of the activities to be carried out during this period – April 2012 through September 2013 – is to assist the villagers of Kumbharwadi to achieve sustainability by being better equipped to handle climate change. The project combines three general strategies: capacity building and social mobilization, agricultural and horticultural development, and land treatment. The project targets the 840 individuals and approximately 140 households in Kumbharwadi over an 18-month period. Through this project, WOTR anticipates that the villagers of Kumbharwadi will have increased their awareness of climate change and adopt new farming practices to help cope with environmental change.

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2. Nutrition and Education Project in Tribal villages of Banar, Barbati, Gadadevari, Khinha and Mukhas-Kalan, Narayanganj block, Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh (See attached summary and Poster)

This project was funded by the India Development Service (IDS), Chicago, from 2013 to 2015. Implemented by WOTR, the IDS Nutrition and Education project endeavors to raise awareness about the significance of a balanced diet and essential nutrition for the well-being of children residing with their parents in watershed villages of Madhya Pradesh. The initiative involves training mothers of children aged 0-5 to assess their growth and provides education on meeting the food, health, and nutritional requirements of their children.

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3. Nutrition and Education Project  in Tribal villages of Pushparajgarh Block, Anuppur District, Madhya Pradesh   (See attached Project Report)

Funded by the India Development Service (IDS), Chicago, this initiative received support for a duration spanning from 2016 to 2018. The initiative, focused on the Nutrition and Education of children aged 0-5, is actively underway in the 11 villages of the Pushparajgarh block in the Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh. The primary objective is to enhance the nutritional well-being of village children through the encouragement and involvement of their mothers. Motivational efforts include regular monthly village meetings, Self-Help Group (SHG) sessions, and meetings held at Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) anganwadi centers. Village-level paraworkers and anganwadi sewikas conduct these meetings, emphasizing the importance of growth monitoring charts for individual children.

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